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Adaptive Suite Solution with Order and Inventory Managements for Wholesales


A Sales Order Management Software Solution with CRM Functionality

Sales order management software, which combines mobile order writing, web order management, B2B eCommerce, and back office integration, is a solution that provides a much more holistic qualitative and quantitative view of the wholesaler-retailer relationship, pulling together all the information that a sales rep needs to have about his or her customers in one central location.

Sales order management software can include the basic functionality that wholesalers want from a traditional CRM, while also providing a way to easily write and receive orders digitally. On the customer relationship management side, sales order management software should offer features like:


  • Allowing reps to quickly reference a customer’s most ordered items, upsell based on past orders, and identify popular products to recommend across multiple buyers.


Adaptive Suite CRM enables you to create custom quotes & invoices on-the-spot. The system supports multiple layouts, group and line item discounts, price tuning using margin or markup, plus a quote approval workflow if required. The PDF Form Designer (Enterprise) can also be used to make custom layouts.


Sales Orders may be created as an intermediate step between Quotes and Invoices. Packing Slips and Order Confirmations may be produced and emailed as PDFs. Each Sales Order can generate one or more Invoices. Purchase Orders may be created from Sales Orders and automatically emailed to suppliers. The Purchase Orders list view highlights any overdue items, and an Open Purchase Orders Report lets you track all outstanding POs.

These features, along with a other key elements such as a digital catalog, customer lists/contact information, mobile order writing interface, and a seamless integration with an ERP system creates a truly complete picture of the customer relationship.


Our Technical team can help you to receive information from your existing Inventory management system to our CRM. If you do not have an existing one, Adaptive Suite CRM has the ability to track inventory movements and levels at multiple warehouse locations. It does this through the use of the Invoice Managment (deduce Product Items from your existing Inventory) and PO (add product items to your existing inventory).