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Adaptive Suite SOLUTIONS for Insurance Brokers Firms


Insurance Brokers firms are greatly focusing on Channel Sales especially in China.


The Channel partners, based on the intensity of their engagement of Insurance Clients are entitled different commission rates. Insurance.  Regarding the Channel Management, Insurance Brokers need to bridge the communication gaps between Insurers, channel Partners and Insured clients.


The Sales Managers for some insurance brokers also need to manage their sales team who are directly engaged in customers.  Therefore, they need to have a tool to manage the brokers sales activities and pipelines and their commission.


With Adaptive Suite,


Channel Sales Managers can manage the commission rates of all channel partners. Besides, channel managers can keep the channel partners updated of the status of the insurance policies. They can also set the auto alert to remind the insured to pay their insurance premiums before the due dates.


For the Direct Sales Managers, Adaptive Suite is a standalone sales CRM with an emphasis on simplicity, visual design and ease-of-use. Its user interface that visually reflects the natural flow of the sales pipeline. Adaptive Suite CRM aims to simplify the process for salespeople to focus on the right deals at the right times, and give managers a clear overview of the company’s performance.