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Adaptive Suite Solutions for Logistics Forwarders


Logistics Forwarders need to manage their Clients, Agents, shippers and Consignees.  These partners’ relationships are inter-related to make a company successful. Before deployment of Adaptive Suite CRM, our clients encountered many problems. Just name a few, agents complains leads sent to the company have not been followed up, resulting in wasted resources and lost sales opportunities. Sales people from different branch offices were prospecting  the same account in result of lacking a proper tool to define the areas and territories.


With Adaptive Suite,


Operations Managers can link the relationships among the partners of Shipper, Agents and Consignees.

Sales Manage, with the assistance of Quotation Module, can approve Quotation before the sales send out Quotations to their clients.  Plus they can track the sales people activities and sales opportunities and pipelines.

Marketing Managers can send out E-marketing campaigns to prospects and non-active customers (defined by the last invoice dates) and distribute the lists to the sales officers or tele marketers. Marketing Managers can use the CRM Look-up function to dig out the target groups for their marketing campaign, for instance, by Port of Loading / Discharge, Industry, incoterm, Industry, commodity……….

Customer Support Managers can track down all the incoming complaints and enquiries by logging each case in the case management solution.


Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, managers can define multi-level of users access rights. Besides, Adaptive Suite is a cloud-based soutions, all information the users access must be the most up-to-data and all information entered into the CRM system is being backed up constantl to prevent any chances of data loss.