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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the newest frontier of online advertising. Users distribute content, share, comment and interact on free social networking sites.

Social networking site and forums are the most visited websites by Hong Kong internet users and have remained the top visited industry for the past few years. At least half of social networkers visit social-network sites daily.

Most well-known social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Renren, YouTube, Youku, Tudou, etc.

Our customers can generate their leads step by step:
Most visited by Hong Kong internet users. Half of the social networkers visit social networking site (SNS) on a daily basis.
The blast out their product promotion templates through EDM or mass mailing.
Allow use of rich media for example image ad, text ad, video ad, etc. and interactive widgets.
Marketers can target by preference or users’ specific likes and interest using the information shared by social network providers.
Social media is a key driver for site traffic.
Increase visibility on internet.
Broad reach & frequently visited.

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