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A more customer-centric approach to selling.

If you think that inside sales is all about selling, you’re totally missing the point. More than just selling remotely, inside sales is about winning customers through quality service and value. Adaptive provides inside sales support through multi-channel marketing so you can put more time into improving your services and delivering quality customer experience.

Multi-channel Marketing

By now, you probably know already how multi-channel marketing works in inside sales: you leverage multiple channels to reach and engage potential customers. It’s quite simple, but not many actually get it.

The truth is that, it is not as much about how many channels you use as it is about how you integrate those channels to create a cross-channel marketing strategy. With multi-channel marketing, your campaign benefits from the combined power of telemarketing, email, online, and social media.

  1. Capture more leads from various lead sources (call, email, online, social media, etc).
  2. Engage potential customers using their preferred channel.
  3. Ensure the clarity and deliverability of your message.
  4. Enhance customer experience by sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Cold Calling

Despite changing trends in selling, cold calling continues to be relevant business-to-business engagements. We take the cold out of cold calling so that your sales team can focus on warm prospects, where they can make best use of their time and talent.

  1. Generate more leads in a short span of time.
  2. Target potential customers with precision.
  3. Reach out to prospects in a personalized manner.
  4. Reduce time and money spent traveling to client locations.


It is hard to imagine marketing without email. In fact some people prefer to be contacted via email over any other marketing channels. We take email marketing to the next level by integrating it with other marketing tools to create a powerful inside sales campaign.

  1. Reach thousands of potential customers with a targeted email blast.
  2. Send customized messages to specific prospects.
  3. Send emails to set the stage and prepare prospects for a telemarketing campaign.
  4. Follow-up and engage leads using concise and personalized messages.

Social Media

Leads are everywhere these days. We make sure you stay connected with potential customers through social media, so that when they make the big decision, you are right there at the front and center.

  1. Make yourself visible to potential customers on social networks.
  2. Stay up-to-date on what’s hot and trending.
  3. Listen and be heard in social conversations.
  4. Connect with millions of prospects around the world.
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